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Get your year off to an incredible start with EF International High School Camp. On an iconic high school campus close to New York you will deep dive into the American culture with a great mix of English classes, fun activities and excursions. Camp helps our students to build confidence and practicing how to make new friends when they arrive to their Host Families and schools but also to build a network of friendships with fellow exchange students who are embarking on the same exchange journey.


Students from 13 different countries


Days of pure fun and learning activities


Day trips to amazing and historic locations

Make friends from all around the world

EF International High School Camp will give you the confidence you need to make a successful start into your exchange year. Gathering students from over 13 different countries who will be doing an exchange year just like you, Camp is the chance to learn about other cultures, make friends, take part in sporting events and fun activities before embarking in the adventure of a lifetime.

Discovering New York City and experiencing American culture

Camp is an experience - you get to embark on a day trip to New York City, a local baseball game, and a trip to an amusement park. You take part in sports and activities at camp that allow you to let down your guard, build confidence, and help you to begin the practice of making new friends. Practicing these social experiences at camp sets you up to make friends when you arrive to you Host Family and new school.

Getting ready for everyday life in the USA

Camp is also a great opportunity to learn more about the American lifestyle, practice speaking English every day and to gain first-hand insights into what your American high school experience will be like. Attending practical classes and after school activities will help you to build the toolbox you will use during your year in the USA.

“Meeting all the excited, nervous, and like-minded students really helped me get into the right mood to continue the year. I met a lot of friends and teachers that all helped me when I needed support throughout the year, and just being able to reach out to people in the same boat really helped me overcome some challenges I had during my year.”


– Timothy from Sweden

What are the benefits of Camp?

The goal of EF camp is to enable you a smooth transition into your host country high school life.

English everyday

AT EF Camp you are encouraged to speak English and only English. After ten days of being immersed in the language you will feel ready and confident to continue on to your host family.

A new way to learn

Ett nytt sätt att läraThe classes at EF Camp are designed to help you build a toolbox for success. With interactive curriculums that focus on critical thinking and independence, classroom activities range from understanding how to spend money to taste-testing the local food!

Activities and events

You can try out new after-school activities like football, rugby, cheerleading, dance, cooking and volleyball. You’ll get to experience fun activities from your new culture, as well as participate in exciting evening events like a Talent Show, Game Show and Sports Tournament.

Preparatory courses

EF Camp participants prepare for their year abroad by learning more about the culture and every day life in their host country. They expand their English slang, learn to understand local language trends, study proper etiquette and develop cultural skills that will serve them throughout their year.

Day trips and night out

EF Camp lets our students check items off their bucket list within their very first week. With a full day exploring New York City, a day trip to an amusement or water park and a night out to a local sporting event, their year is guaranteed to begin with new experiences and unique memories.

A global network

EF Camp is more than just the chance to open our students eyes to their host family’s culture. With exchange students from 13 different countries in Europe and Asia, it is a unique opportunity for them to learn about other cultures and make friends from around the world.

Experience EF Camp

10 days of learning and fun

With a daily schedule of classes and activities, camp gives students a taste of everyday life at an American high school.

Day 1: Flight to New York

The trip starts with the flight to the United States. On the flight you will likely meet many other EF students and will be greeted by EF staff once you pass through customs in New York!

Day 2: Parade of Nations

We celebrate all different cultures in the Parade of Nations on the way to camp’s Opening Ceremony. After the Opening Ceremony you will meet the teachers for your school, and in the evening participate in an all-camp activity.

Day 3: Classes Begin

Today, you will have your first full day of classes and after-school activities. Structured like a typical high school, you will have homeroom and four classes. There will be after school activities like American football, volleyball, cheerleading, music, and swimming.

Day 4: Pep Rally

Today you will follow your regular class schedule followed by a pep rally.

Day 5: Walking Tour of NYC

Start your day by getting on a boat and seeing New York City from the water as you venture to Liberty Island. Starting by exploring New York City by seeing The Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, or the 9/11 Memorial, you will end the day in the glow of Times Square!

Day 6: Volleyball Tournament Begins

Today you will follow your class schedule, and in the evening we will begin our volleyball tournament. You learn what high school spirit is all about in the U.S. as each high school competes for bragging rights as the volleyball champions!

Day 7: Baseball Under the Lights

After classes today there are no activities as we grab an early barbecue dinner before heading off to participate in that all- American tradition of watching a baseball game under the stadium lights!

Day 8: Regular Class Day

Today will be a regular class day with volleyball tournament finals in the evening. You can cheer on your high school, or play in the championship game! To close the night we will have an assembly where you will learn about the departure process from camp to your host family

Day 9: A Day of Fun at Dorney Park

Dag 9: En hel dag på nöjesparken Dorney ParkToday, you will venture to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. You can ride a roller coaster, cool off on a water slide, and enjoy a day of fun in the sun with friends from around the world!

Day 10: Time to Say Goodbye

Dag 10: Dags att säga hejdåIt is the last day of camp, and there is a lot to be done. We start off with a graduation ceremony with student’s homeroom. Then it is time to pack things up and get ready to head to the host family. Tonight we will have a talent show, farewell dance, and very soon you will be boarding the bus to head to the airport - feeling well prepared to start your exchange!

Experience EF Camp

Living the high school spirit on Muhlenberg Campus

Lever gymnasieandan på Muhlenberg CampusBy learning and living on the iconic 33ha high school campus at Muhlenberg College our students will experience the typical USA campus life for the first time. The green campus is located close to New York in a residential neighborhood in Allentown's West End, Pennsylvania and offers all kind of classroom and sports facilities as well as dorms where our students will live and get to know each other.

“Et sted hvor du kan være dig selv og få nye venner fra hele verden. Der er ikke et bedre sted at starte sit eventyr.”


– Ronja fra Norway


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